Daniel Smith-Rowsey
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Lost Cat: A feminist cult militia hostage comedy, a twisted love triangle between three housemates whose fourth housemate decides to take the others hostage in a misguided attempt to blackmail the police.

Nerdish Dave loves smart and beautiful Cory, but she's more into his brother Paul, a fact that makes sparks fly when all three are tied to a pole together.

Their new no-nonsense housemate Beth (and her too-sensitive boyfriend, Jamie) seems to think that if she manipulates the police and media into thinking she's running a feminist cult, she can bribe them into giving her enough money to escape the country and live on a deserted island.

But her captives have their own twist on her plans?

Lost Cat was written and directed by Daniel Smith-Rowsey, produced by Youree Henley and Anton Goldman. It stars Lisel Brunson, Magen Callaghan, Ted D'Agostino, Darcie Grover, Danny Jokelson, and Elza Minor.

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