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The Education of Kieran (a.k.a. We Need to Talk about Kieran): Turning down an offer from Harvard, bumbling genius Kieran Edwards opts to follow his true love Juliet to The University of Nottingham.

Within days of arriving, he finds her in bed with a muscular sportsman. Heartbroken and vulnerable, Kieran finds himself as the unlikely student of a pick up guru.

Using an array of unorthodox techniques, Kieran immerses himself in a new area of study with geeky enthusiasm. To the surprise of his teacher and his contemporaries, Kieran becomes a phenomenon on the Nottingham dating scene.

As his success levels soar out of control, Kieran's studies and morals begin to suffer. Can he get what he wants while still getting what he needs?

The Education of Kieran was directed by Steve Murphy and Daniel Smith-Rowsey, and written by Daniel Smith-Rowsey and Tory Lyne-Pirkis. It stars Dan Morgan, James Wilby, Christopher Parker, Linda Robson, Megan Trueblood-Smith, and Chris MacDonald.

This film is in post-production. To see a preview, click here.